Arnaud Maitland’s 2016 Seminar & Retreat Schedule


Buenos Aires

Thursday Feb 4th: The Promise of Life

Friday Feb 5th – Feb 7th: Powers of Mind, Joy of Being

La Reserva Retreat

Monday Feb 8th – Friday Feb 12th: The Path of Seeing

Pergamino Weekend

Friday Feb 12th: The Process of Living and Dying

Saturday Feb 13th & Sunday Feb 14th : Path of Transformation

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Kum Nye Teacher Training Webinar

Kum Nye Teacher Training Level 2

April 23rd, May 28th, June 3-11th

Each session will be approximately 4 hours,  from 8:30am to 12:30pm San Francisco time (PST).

Based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book Joy of Being

  • What is Kum Nye for the Mind
  • How to Practice
  • How to Teach it

**This webinar will be held live in Amsterdam**

The second book on Kum Nye is quite different from the first book. In level 1 we explored the first book and its methods to stimualte life’s energies through body, senses and mind and cultivating a natural, rhythmic breathing. The result of awakening, stimulating and transforming the experience in the body is a vibrant aliveness that informs all actions and imbues our sensory experience with joyful, informative feelings. In level 2 we explore Tarthang Tulku Rinppoche’s book Joy of Being as a Kum Nye offering with exercises specifically for the mind. In Joy of Being Kum Nye relaxation allows mind to reveal itself more directly. We will become quiet, enabling contact with our ‘sensing mind’, besides the inner dialogues that come and go. Mind has a kind of ‘beingness’ quality, silent and complete in itself. Nothing is missing, nothing needs interpreting. Simply resting, allowing ourselves to be directly in the calmness, we can expand this silent field of mind and let mind reveal itself. Now, we can ask mind to give us more pleasure, less pressure and negativity. We can ask mind for contentment and inner peace that does not depend on others. We can ask mind to show us our heart’s desire.

For more information click here: Kum Nye Teacher Training – Level 2 or contact:


France – July/August

“Gift of Kum Nye” Retreat

Friday, July 29th to August 5th

Dordogne, France


We will have one week of Kum Nye meditation retreat to submerge ourselves into Tarhang Tulku’s three Kum Nye books, from 7 am to 21:30 with breaks and meals. We will start a few days with the first book: Kum Nye – a Tibetan Yoga to release some tension and stress; we will ground in the body and invite the mind into the body. While the activating of energies in the body refreshes the senses, body and mind integrate in a gentle opening of the heart region. The next two days we will focus on Kum Nye for the Mind as described in the second book: Joy of Being. The final days we delve into the third Kum Nye book entitled: Kum Nye Dancing – dynamically expressing the wholeness of our aliveness.


For more information click here: 2016 Kum Nye Retreat – France or contact


Germany – August

10th Annual European Kum Nye Meditation Retreat

Sunday August 14th – Friday August 26th

St. Benedictine Monastery, Damme, Germany

An opportunity to explore new dimensions of meditation through Kum Nye, based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s three books, Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga (two days), Joy of Being (five days) and Kum Nye Dancing (five days). In this special retreat, we will lay the foundation for the deepening meditation that Kum Nye offers. The three books by Rinpoche give us access to the reality of our true nature and the powers and talents it contains. Supported by friendly comradery during the retreat we can take refuge in Kum Nye to lead us close to our real being: open, good, sweet and full of vitality.

For more information, click here: 10th Annual Kum Nye Retreat – Announcement or contact: Jutta j.fethke (at)

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