eKum Nye Self Study Program

What is the eKum Nye Program?

The eKum Nye program was developed by Dharma Publishing Academy to provide guided instruction for anyone interested in developing balance and well-being in their lives.

Whether you are new or an experienced practitioner, eKum Nye has something to offer you.

eKum Nye consists of five basic levels, followed by five more levels intended to deepen your understanding and experience of Kum Nye.

Each level is structured in ten weekly segments except for Level 10, which offers 12 lessons.

All together, the ten levels of Kum Nye Yoga by email provide two years of intensive Kum Nye training.

eKum Nye consists of one email per week containing: Kum Nye theory, Practice session of 60 – 90 minutes, Five minute meditations, Practice during the day, Reading assignments, and a Meditation video.

Skype with a teacher

Skype logoIf you are practicing the eKum Nye Program, the Skype talks with authorized Kum Nye teachers will be the perfect opportunity to make inquiries about the lessons and to go deeper into a subject of your interest.

Being able to connect with us after every lesson or every level will add on to your eKum Nye experience.

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eKum Nye Practice

eKum Nye Levels

  • 1 – Outer Kum Nye Relaxation
  • 2 – Transformation
  • 3 – Inner Balance
  • 4 – Cream of Kum Nye
  • 5 – Extracting the Juice of Experience
  • 6 – The Top 10
  • 7 – The Power of Breath
  • 8 – The 5 Trainings
  • 9 – Speech and Mind Kum Nye
  • 10 – Kum Nye in Daily Life
  • 11 – Generating Happiness from Within

For more information on each of these courses visit Dharma Publishing Academy.

Try it now for free!

To help you find an interesting and engaging way into the practice of Kum Nye we have made the first lessons of 6 of our eKum Nye programs available for free download.

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