Kum Nye Massage

Massage means interaction. When you massage yourself, you are not affecting only one place on your body; your whole body participates in the massage. A reciprocal relationship develops between your hand and the muscle or point that the hand massages, generating feelings that stimulate interactions throughout the body. Interaction also occurs between physical and nonphysical levels of existence, and this interaction stimulates certain energies that, not restricted to the body’s boundaries, spread to the surrounding world. blockquote_right

Pressure points

When you develop self-massage, you will discover many kinds of sensations and feelings. Kum Nye massage is oriented toward pressure points that stimulate specific energies. You may find that pressure on some places has an immediate effect; pressure on other places may not affect you noticeably in the beginning. Touching particular spots may restore memories or past negativities. As you rub and release pains and knots in your physical body, you may also release mental and emotional blockages.

Massage for the Hands
Massaging your hands will tune, tone up and enliven the energy of your whole body. The hand massage is comprised of two parts: a general massage and a massage oriented toward the acupressure points.
Massage for the Face
Our heads are usually busier than the rest of our bodies. Our emotions – which are closely connected to our thoughts – tend to constrict our facial muscles as well as our necks and shoulders. As you massage your face, feel the energy of released feeling move throughout your body.
Massage for the Head
Usually we are more aware of our faces than of the rest of our heads. But the head has sensitive areas and points that can relieve subtle blockages throughout the body, gently awakening the senses.
Massage for the Neck
You can do this neck massage, or portions of the massage, at various times during the day whenever you feel tense. As your neck becomes more relaxed, your head and heart will become more integrated and you will experience feeling more intensely.
Massage for the Shoulders
Our shoulders are often tense with unexpressed feelings. When we gently release these tensions, feeling flows more smoothly between the chest and neck, and between the front and back of the body.
Massage for the Chest
Massaging the chest improves breathing and circulation, and helps to open the heart to feeling. This massage is particularly appropriate for women, who frequently hold tension in this area.
Massage for the Belly
When the belly truly relaxes, we become free from grasping.
Massage here is especially important for men because it is common for men to hold tension in this area.
When you are away from home, perhaps in a tense or emotional situation that is giving you difficulty, the stomach massage can be particularly helpful. You may find that it produces feelings of deep relaxation, which flow outward from your stomach, affecting your whole outlook, enabling you to think clearly and act effectively. What appeared to be unpleasant may even become enjoyable.
This massage is best done in the evening, at least one hour after eating, without clothes.
Massage for the Arms
Massaging the arms improves both breathing and circulation so that the two systems become rhythmic and balanced. In addition, muscles throughout the body are strengthened , and a fresh, pure quality is stimulated within the subtle energies.
Massage for the Back
Massaging the back helps to release feelings of joy and love, and gives life and strength to all the senses.
The general massages and the backward-roll massage relieve muscular tension along the length of the spine, releasing sensations of well-being and joy. Nurture yourself with these feelings; let them touch your heart.
As you do these massages, move so gently that your body loses a sense of definite form and you become one with the feeling of joy as it spreads throughout your body. This sensation can become so large and full that it extends beyond your body, and the boundaries between you and the world around you dissolve.
Massage for the Legs
Massaging the legs is beneficial for everybody: if you do regular vigorous exercise, massaging the legs will smooth the flow of sensation and relieve subtle blockages; if you are relatively inactive, massaging the legs will begin to awaken sleeping energies and encourage their flow.
Massage for the Hips
Massaging the hip helps to stimulate energies that become blocked from lack of exercise and then spreads these healing and invigorating feelings throughout the whole system.
Massage for the Feet
Like massaging the hands, massaging the feet can help to tune and vitalize the whole body.
The massage for the feet comprises two parts: a more general massage and a points massage. Perform the entire foot massage twice, the second time a little more slowly. If there are points at which pressure produces change in feeling, continue to apply pressure and try to explore the feeling, expanding it as much as possible.
If the massage uncovers a sore spot, massage it gently without lingering over it.

Get started with self-massage with this complimentary download of “Hand Massage.”
If you’d like to explore this practice more, we recommend Tibetan Relaxation as an excellent guide.


As you massage, stretch the bonds of your ordinary conceptions. When you press a certain body point, no part of the body and in fact no part of the universe, need be excluded. Everything can become part of the massage. From a cosmological point of view, absolutely everything participates in the cosmos, and we and the universe are integrated. Our body is a vessel filled and surrounded by space. When we touch our substance, we stimulate ourselves and the universe simultaneously. Our whole body exercises in space. blockquote_right

– Tarthang Tulku, Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga

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