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Founded by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche over 40 years ago, Dharma Publishing’s mission is to contribute to the Western understanding of mind and to preserve Tibetan Buddhist teachings and Tibetan culture. Proceeds from its efforts support the Yeshe De Text Preservation Project, which produces sacred Buddhist texts to be given away free of charge to monks, nuns, monasteries, and lay practitioners at the annual World Peace Ceremony in Bodh Gaya, India.

Dharma Publishing currently publishes over 125 books in English covering a diverse range of topics including translations of sutras and commentaries by great masters, books on Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, meditation, Buddhist history and teachings, as well as a series of children’s books called Jataka Tales. Its books have been adopted for college level courses in Buddhist studies, translated into a number of languages, and continue to serve as invaluable resources for scholars and spiritual seekers all over the world.

To support Kum Nye practitioners worldwide, Dharma Publishing Academy as the outreach branch of Dharma Publishing, creates CD and DVD programs for all level of interest and experience.  To browse or buy CDs and DVDs you can visit Dharma Publishing’s online store or stop by the Dharma Publishing Bookstore, located in Berkeley, CA. As part of our commitment to supporting ongoing study Dharma Publishing Academy also offers a series of ePrograms, self-study programs for independent study, delivered weekly via e-mail.


Kum Nye Books

Kum Nye books
The practice and theory of Kum Nye is presented in 3 main books, authored by Tarthang Tulku: Kum Nye – A Tibetan YogaThe Joy of Being, and Kum Nye Dancing. Each book provides its own set of exercises and theory, offering practitioners immense depth and variety in their study of the Kum Nye body of knowledge.

The books introduce you to both theory and practices for sitting postures, working with breath, massages and exercises. They will help you to relieve stress, transform old patterns and promote balance and health, based on a traditional healing system, and stimulate energy that joins body and mind in a continuum of joy and appreciation.

To know more information about the books go to their individual pages on the menu under “What is Kum Nye?”

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Kum Nye CDs

Kum Nye CDs
To continue developing your Kum Nye experience, Dharma Publishing offers several series of CDs: Kum Nye Relaxation (10 CDs); recorded lectures and talks called Kum Nye Talks (7 volumes); audio recordings from retreats led by Arnaud Maitland; and the Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, and The Joy of Being audiobooks.

Kum Nye Relaxation CDs: Covers topics like Introduction to Kum Nye, The Art of Developing Balance, Integrating Body and Mind, Tools for Transformation and Morning and Evening Practices.

Retreats: Around 11 hours of Kum Nye sessions encompass each of the audio recordings of the Kum Nye Retreats led by Arnaud Maitland.

Kum Nye Talks: The Kum Nye Talks are conversation between Arnaud Maitland and Kum Nye-ers about different topics of the Kum Nye theory as well as about the practice and experiences that take place at Ratna Ling Retreat Center.

You can get a taste by listening to a free Kum Nye Talk.

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Kum Nye DVDs

Kum Nye DVDs
Based on the Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga book, the four DVDs of the “Healthy Body and Mind” series provide home practitioners with a convenient way to work with the theory and practice of Kum Nye.

eKum Nye: 50 Short Videos with Arnaud Maitland is a compilation of videos originally designed to help students understand the theory and structure of Dharma Publishing’s eKum Nye program.

Additionally there are Kum Nye Dancing DVDs that provide the guidance which will help you build a steady platform for your Kum Nye Dancing Practice. Each of the DVD sets has a series of gestures that build up to a performance: “Opening the Nucleus of Self”, “Revealing the Body’s Hidden Beauty”, “Being Present in the Present”, “The Freedom of Being I”, “Our Moment in Time”, “Dynamic Rest” and “Inner Alchemy”.

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eKum Nye Self Study Program

eKum Nye Practice
The eKum Nye program was developed by Dharma Publishing Academy to provide guided instruction for anyone interested in developing balance and well-being in their lives. Whether you are new or an experienced practitioner, eKum Nye has something to offer you.

eKum Nye consists of five basic levels, followed by five more levels intended to deepen your understanding and experience of Kum Nye. Each level is structured in ten weekly segments except for Level 10, which offers 12 lessons. All together, the ten levels of Kum Nye Yoga by email provide more two years of intensive Kum Nye training.

Get the first lesson of Level 1 and Levels 6 to 10 for free!

Or register for the eKum Nye Self Study program at Dharma Publishing Academy!

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