Ratna Ling Retreat Center

Home of Dharma Publishing and Kum Nye Headquarters, Ratna Ling is a beautiful retreat center located in the redwood coastal hills of Sonoma County, CA.
Dharma Publishing’s Kum Nye retreats take part at this center with state-of-the-art facilities and first-class private accommodations.

Surrounded by prayer flags and stupas; trees, plants, flowers, earth and water; deers, turkeys and ravens; the sky, the stars, the sun and the moon; colors and scents; all kind of feelings make the retreat experience much richer.

Using the beauty of nature as our partner and supporter, we can develop a deeper caring for the world and for ourselves. Opening the senses, connecting to beauty, letting the feeling come into our heart, we begin to take good advantage of our human opportunity. Almost immediately, if we connect, the atmosphere shifts: we know we are alive, we are getting something! We are being touched, and we are touching. Now we are in contact with the world.

The power and beauty of the environment create a support for spiritual endeavors. Inner spiritual realities are reflected in the colors, shapes, and forms of the outer natural world. blockquote_right

– Tarthang Tulku, Mandala Gardens

Throughout the year, Ratna Ling hosts retreats to promote personal and universal transformation. Unique in its offering,  the focus is on ensuring that each individual is provided the freedom to enjoy their retreat at a personal level. Ratna Ling is a working community comprised completely of volunteers and welcomes each of its retreatants into its community, not only as a guest, but as a valued member of the community for the duration of their stay.  In most cases, retreatants share in kitchen clean-up and are encouraged to participate in the unique opportunity to join in work-practice at Yeshe De bindery where sacred Tibetan texts are printed and assembled.

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Once or even several times a year, a retreat in a natural setting, however brief, can greatly expand your practice of Kum Nye. Spending four days every season or one week a year in the mountains, or perhaps near the ocean or a river, are beneficial to deepen the Kum Nye relaxation.blockquote_right

– Tarthang Tulku, Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga

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