Skype with a Teacher

Are you new to Kum Nye or already a long term practitioner and having the wish to know more and learn more about Kum Nye and your practice? Here is the chance to share your questions and deepen your practice.

Have the experience of what it would be like to take part of the Kum Nye Talks as they happen at Ratna Ling with asking your questions or sharing your experience to understand more.

If you are practicing the eKum Nye Program, the Skype talks will be the perfect opportunity to make inquiries about the lessons and to go deeper into a subject of your interest. Being able to connect with us after every lesson or every level will add on to your Kum Nye experience.

We recommend that you take about two or three weeks in between each Skype Talk so there is time to understand and practice.


We are giving you different options to choose from to have your Skype talk with an authorized Kum Nye teacher.

Choosing to have four talks will give the opportunity to dwell deeply into the Kum Nye experience and have a better exchange and connection with the Kum Nye teacher. And you will have the chance to have continuity on your practice.

1 talk

4 talks

Length of talk 45 minutes 45 minutesper/talk
Asking questions
Readings recommendation
Practice recommendation
Deepen your connection
with Kum Nye
Exchange of experiences
with authorized teacher
In-depth theory talk
In-depth practice feedback
$30 $108

And for your first talk, we are giving you a one time only 30-minutes FREE introductory talk!!!

To schedule your talk, please contact:

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