When I went to the first class I could feel energy in my body I could never feel before.
Since we do the (eKum Nye Level 10) program I am much more aware, so I apply what I learn or I take a little part from the lesson and try to practice that during the day.

It is a human development through the body and you can develop your whole potential by doing Kum Nye. blockquote_right

“For me the benefit of practicing Kum Nye changes and deepens over time. In the beginning it was having more energy, feeling naturally more cheerful and upbeat, slowly becoming aware of the raw fact that I had a physical body I was often not in touch with on a pretty basic level — not feeling my legs, or my toes or my ears or my chest, etc. Next came the startling realization that meditation, sitting still, following the breath, whatever kind of practice we were doing, had become MUCH more accessible and do-able. It also became really enjoyable. The practice of stillness and feeling in Kum Nye has perhaps been one of the most beneficial developments and practices I’ve been exposed to in terms of more formal meditation practice as well as a support for a better, more balanced way of living daily life. The switch to nose and mouth breathing, taught as a part of the 7 gestures in Kum Nye, has also had a profoundly balancing and stabilizing effect. When I’m really “in my head,” or out of balance, an easy check and adjustment is usually how I’m breathing. Who knew?!”

I started to experience the world around me in a totally different way.
The ability to see thing differently; after practicing Kum Nye for one hour is as if the whole world opened up and everything I see, touch, taste, come into contact with is available in a whole other dimension.

Kum Nye brings to the foreground things that for me were hidden inside; and there is more. blockquote_right

“I first became interested as part of the Ratna Ling Work Study program, where we were offering two classes in Kum Nye based on the first two books: Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and Joy of Being. After several months of practice I realized my experience after class was consistently much lighter and more relaxed, more upbeat and happy. It was something I hadn’t really noticed until I looked, not because it was subtle as much as I just didn’t make the connection that what seemed like some pretty simple and straightforward physical movements could have such a noticeable and meaningful effect on my life.”

If I am practicing Kum Nye is much more difficult for stress or for tensions to get hold of me.
I feel lighter and more open. Whenever I am doing something physical, I am doing Kum Nye.

It is getting easier being in my body and when I am not in that space I notice that something is not right.

You can have of lot of different experiences while you practe Kum Nye, so it’s always new and fresh. blockquote_right

More testimonials:

“My personal preference is sustained practice. I find doing a few exercises like 2-3 repeatedly or holding them for longer periods of time offers me the opportunity to explore more deeply what’s happening in each one. In the first Kum Nye book Rinpoche notes that each exercise is like a universe in itself. I like being a universe explorer!! I also find as I have become more comfortable in my body that moving incredibly slow, like as slow as humanly possible and then slower can sometimes be so deeply satisfying. We’ve talked a lot here about gaps in awareness and the practice of smooth, slow movement is for me, when I really go for it, sometimes the most satisfying way to practice.”

It is a matter of priority. When we like or see benefit in doing something we find time. If we don’t have lots of time, then we use very well the few time we have.

Subtle energy and Space. The sensation of loosing borders and a different sense of space.

“For me it is to be very aware of the body most of the time. In all experiences you are having you begin to learn from the feelings and the information that is given to you, so instead of only thinking you have access to more information. And in the body level you are feeling more vital and whole; so more joy is accessible.”

“Kum Nye is accessible. I’ve tried many different physical practices in my life and none have been quite as open and accommodating as Kum Nye. Initially it is gentle and slow which is maybe a turn off for some people, if they’re looking for something physically very intense and challenging. But my experience is that Kum Nye can also be done in this way, but let’s get the basics down first – breathing, body awareness, feeling awareness. Kum Nye addresses both the Body AND Mind component of practice so its really a real Mind-Body discipline. Once that basic foundation of theory and practice is established, there’s so much openness to explore.”

Some exercises can be done in my bed, before I go to sleep or before I get up.

The experience after doing the exercises. A peaceful feeling of floating.

“This isn’t a rigid system of exercises with “right” and “wrong” but much more imbued with, as Rinpoche says in the first Kum Nye book, a flavor of experimentation and exploration. So I think this very open ended exploring means individuals of any age, any body type, any background can come and connect with their body and mind in new ways and really take responsibility for themselves in an exciting way that will support whatever else they are doing whether its meditation, or running, or painting, or designing websites.”

“Kum Nye gives people immediate feedback from their experience. They have more room to ‘see’ a bit more of what is going on, and they appreciate that. They like very much being able to tap into relaxation so quickly. It’s a revelation to them that they can learn from and release old patterns and pain just by letting themselves start to feel.”

Kum Nye helps me not to feel that I am separated from everything else all the time.

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