The Joy of Being

The Joy of Being book

Advanced Kum Nye Practices for Relaxation, Integration & Concentration

Exercises presented in the earlier Kum Nye book focused on the physical aspects of our being, using massage, breathing exercises, postures, and movement to relax and energize our bodies.

The Joy of Being goes more deeply into the inner aspects of our embodiment. It emphasizes the inner massage of feeling, using the senses to revitalize our capacities for seeing, hearing, sensing, touching, relishing and cognizing and creates the basis for a satisfying and meaningful life.

It is intended to help you feel at home in your embodiment, so you will appreciate your inner treasures and be inspired to cultivate them further.

Your body/mind embodiment is your personal treasure house, a source of beautiful feelings and profound satisfaction. If you appreciate its value and learn how to nurture it well, Kum Nye will show you how to enter the heart of your being and cultivate your inner riches more fully.

Kum Nye will awaken the joy of being; Kum Nye will bring you home.

Translations from publishers worldwide are forthcoming in:
Spanish, Portuguese, German and Czech.

The Joy of Being Exercise
Opening Mind & Body

Kum Nye is our great treasure, a right to be cultivated and embodied, a heritage to be revitalized and expressed through our attitudes and actions. It is because of the knowledge preserved within Kum Nye that the Buddha is a symbol of universal peace and the Dharma is a symbol of healing and transformation.
We can not let this knowledge die.

– Tarthang Tulku, The Joy of Being

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