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In these times when confusion and chaos are a part of daily activity, we are often too tense and charged up to enjoy life. Kum Nye opens our senses and our hearts so that we feel satisfied and fulfilled and can appreciate more fully every aspect of our lives. Even in a short time, the quality of experience can be enriched and our lives can become more harmonious.

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the official site for Tarthang Tulku’s Kum Nye lineage in the West!

The practice and theory of Kum Nye is presented in three main books, authored by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche: Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga, The Joy of Being, and Kum Nye Dancing. Each book provides its own set of exercises and theory, offering practitioners immense depth and variety in their study of the Kum Nye body of knowledge. We invite you to begin your own discovery and exploration of this rich and ancient tradition by exploring this site and learning more about what Kum Nye can offer you.


Mind and body both seem to need relaxation, especially in today’s world where the business of everyday activities generates much stress. With Kum Nye, we can loosen up the tension connected with this stress and open up the sensitivity inherent in our human embodiment. MORE…


The Joy of Being emphasizes the inner massage of feeling, using the senses to revitalize our capacities for seeing, hearing, sensing, touching, relishing and cognizing and creates the basis for a satisfying and meaningful life. It is intended to help you feel at home in your embodiment, so you will appreciate your inner treasures and be inspired to cultivate them further. MORE…


The postures and practices in this book are not exactly massage. They are invigorating rather than soothing, designed to energize the body and to wake up consciousness. These are not precisely traditional Kum Nye postures, but instead are based on temple practices Tarthang Tulku had known as a young man in Tibet. MORE…

Kum Nye is our great treasure, a right to be cultivated and embodied, a heritage to be revitalized and expressed through our attitudes and actions. It is because of the knowledge preserved within Kum Nye that the Buddha is a symbol of universal peace and the Dharma is a symbol of healing and transformation.

We can not let this knowledge die.blockquote_right

– Tarthang Tulku, The Joy of Being

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